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I saw something in store that is not offered online...is it unavailable?

Please give us a call. If you have your receipt, you can provide us the item number.  You can also send a pic of the item to 774.238.1769...we'll let you know and will ship it to you.

I'll be on the Cape on a day when you're closed! I'm so disappointed!!

No worries! We'll happily meet you at the store...please text us at 774.238.1769.

I need to purchase jewelry for my bridal party; I'm not sure if I want earrings and a necklace or bracelet.  I also need pashminas.  Can you special order?

We'd love to find just the right jewelry for your wedding! Forward your ideas to us at sales@bellaofcapecod.com.  We'll respond with possibilities and pricing!